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Overview User Reviews Specs. Audible 2 MP3 converts your audio books to MP3 format and automatically splits them based on chapters. What do you need to know about free software?

Publisher's Description. User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros No way to find out. Cons AA2. Summary Software is unusable due to missing components. Read reply 1 Reply by ebandwagon on May 14, Thanks for the feedback, we are glad that you like it.In Shaker Heights, a placid, progressive suburb of Cleveland, everything is planned - from the layout of the winding roads to the colors of the houses to the successful lives its residents will go on to lead.

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Please enable Javascript! Otherwise things aren't going to work properly, or at all. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. Dave Barry is Not Taking This First to Die by James Patterson. Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan, et al.

Audiobook Sites Publishers Audible. The Internet Archive. Project Gutenberg - eBooks. Books Should Be Free. Free Classic Audiobooks. Literal Systems. Telltale Weekly. Creative Commons. Thought Audio. Maria Lectrix. Luisterboek Winkel Dutch. Crown House UK. Voolume Francais. Plugme Portuguesa.

YOYO Espanol. Russian Bookstore Online. Audiofile - Reviews. Audio Editions Books. BBC Voices.When talking about audiobooks, most of us will think of Audible. It is well known that Audible.

In order to make new users have a full knowledge of Audible audibooks, like sound quality, before joining Audible Store, it provides day trial period for every new user. Without a monthly subscription, you can also purchase a title from Audible, which can be downloaded to hundreds of devices for playback at any time. But different devices have different downloading methods.

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If you are the newbie who is not familiar with downloading Audible files, please read on this tutorial to find out the possible way to download Audible audiobooks to your selected devices freely. View also: Download Spotify Songs without Premium. Step 1. If you haven't been equipped with Audible Download Manager already, please download and install this stunning software to your Windows computer.

Step 2. Double click to launch Audible Download Manager, and then you can touch the General Settings icon to open a new window, where you can change the location saving downloaded audiobook files.

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Please check the mark next to the target media player you want. Step 3.

audible download mp3

Now, you can find out favorite audiobooks from My Books. Step 4. As for downloading Audible files to computer running Mac OS, it could be easier than syncing audiobooks to a PC, since downloading an audiobooks is as easy as one click, only if you have purchased audiobook files from Audible Store.

Enter into official website of Audible on your Mac, and please authorize your account on this computer by singing in your Audible account and password. Every book item has a Download button you can choose to download. Once you have found out the favorite books you would like to listen to, please click the Download icon to begin the downloading process.

Up to now, we all know how to download Audible files to computers, Mac and PC. Since Audible audio files are compatible with numerous devices, how about downloading Audible audiobooks to iOS devices for enjoying audiobooks more convenient? Actually, there are some different approaches to get audio files from your Audible library.

Download and install Audible for iOS app via iTunes store or using desktop computer. Open this Audible app on OS device and sign in the Audible account that you used to purchase audiobooks. Touch My Library at the bottom of the main screen and you will see there are two options, Cloud and Device.

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Please simply click the Cloud icon. There is a list of your purchased audiobooks from Audible Store. You can choose the favorite audio files and tap the Download icon at the bottom-right corner of each cover art of audiobooks. Now, you can enjoy them on iOS device even without Internet network connection.

View also: How to Play Audiobooks on iPhone. The only different step is that you need to download the Audible app from different stores according to your devices.

So here, I will not repeat the detailed tutorial on downloading audiobook files to Android devices. Now, let's talk something important.

Although Audible audiobook files are compatible with Android devices, not all mobile phone running Android OS can support Audible files. Put it another, you are not able to listen to Audible audibooks on any Android device.

The key reason caused this trouble is Audible DRM copyright technology. If you would like to download and enjoy Audible audiobooks anywhere without any limitation, you need to decrypt DRM technology applied in Audible files with a third-party Audible DRM removal tool.

Thanks to this smart tool, you can download and play Audible audiobooks on any device and media player freely. Toggle navigation Store Products. Enjoy Audible Audiobooks on Any Device.Want to listen to Audible audiobooks on an MP3 player or some other application?

Here's a simple way to rip and convert Audible audiobook to MP3 in Windows. Audible is one of the best things that happened to me.

No matter what I'm doing, I can listen to my favorite book. This is especially helpful while traveling, working, or doing regular chores. As good as it is, the Audible app, no matter the platform, is not that good. It lacks several of the basic features like proper headset controls, equalizer, casting options, etc. That is one of the reasons why I prefer using third-party audiobook player like Smart Audiobook Player for Android. The thing is, Audible doesn't allow third-party players.

In fact, the audiobook files are encrypted and download in a special format called "AAX". So, if you want to use a third-party audiobook reader, you first need to convert the Audible audiobooks to MP3 format. Once you've done that, you can play the converted audiobooks on any device and using any music or MP3 application.

That's where this tutorial comes into play. Let me show how you can rip and convert Audible audiobooks to MP3. There are two major steps to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3. First, you need to download the Audible audiobook. Second, rip and convert it to MP3. Though sounds complicated, it is pretty easy to do. All it takes is a couple of clicks. Just follow the steps as is and you will be. Since the Audible provides no first-party application for our purpose, we are going to use a free and open-source application called OpenAudible.

It is a very simple application that lets you download, listen, and convert Audible audiobooks. After downloading, install it like any other Windows application. After installing, open the installed application. Before you can download and convert audiobooks, you need to connect your Audible account.

In case you are wondering, this is important because Audible books are DRM protected. Without your account information, the application cannot decrypt and convert the file.A cross-platform audible audiobook manager. With stars by github developers, OpenAudible is the trusted audio book content manager.

Download, view, convert to MP3, and manage all your audio books with our easy-to-use desktop application. See all your Audible books in one location, on all your Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

Automatically organize your books as an HTML library. OpenAudible has been totally free since version 2. We're now asking for a small license fee to use all of the features in OpenAudible 2. We understand "free" was a pretty awesome price. You can continue to use the 1.

The source code for version 1. Install the version for your platform. OpenAudible is an unsigned application. You may need to 'approve' the running of OpenAudible from your operating system, and if you use anti-malware or anti-virus apps, you may need to learn how to run unsigned applications.

Note: Mac users should open the OpenAudible. You may also need to update your GateKeeper settings to allow unsigned apps to run. The first time you use the application, select Controls: Connect to Audible and log into your Audible account and browse to your list of purchased books.

Once OpenAudible sees a library page, your books will be added to the program. Then do a "Library Sync" to get the rest of your books. You may want to set the working directory or output directory to a disk that has more space or that is located on a network storage device.

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A Controls: Quick Library Sync will find all your books. No files will be downloaded. Note: If you get a message about changing an Audible download manager setting, follow these directions. Note, not all regions are supported. However, it is best to let OpenAudible download and convert them so the file naming and format is consistent.

Uninstalling OpenAudible can be done with the uninstaller. We respond to all issues and have implemented a lot of great user suggestions. However, to help us, please check the documentation and search issues to see if your problem has already been asked and answered before submitting a new issue. OpenAudible is a low-cost shareware product.

Purchase Here or buy from within the program.When you synced Audible audiobooks to your MP3 player to listen them offline while on the go, those audiobooks downloaded from Audible cannot be recognized through the MP3 player due to the different formats. Will it be possible to convert audible to MP3 online? You may have encountered the same barrier as mentioned above if you intend to play Audible on MP3 player. Fortunately, we have written this guide to show you how to convert Audible books to MP3 online easily.

In this section we will walk you through an online Audible to MP3 utility to get those Audible audiobooks convert to MP3 easily. There's no need to download any software in comparison with other methods. Since there are tons of online audio converting websites that allows you to convert AAX or AA file to MP3, we will take Convertio as an example to complete the conversion.

Simply refer to this guide to get the detailed method. Step 1: Launch any browser on your computer and then open the Convertio website. Step 2: Tap on the computer icon, then load the AAX file. Moreover, the program boasts a clean install without account authorization or any extra software like iTunes. Now just download the free trial version of this software on your computer and follow the steps below to learn how to convert audible files to MP3 with ease.

Open TunesKit Audible Converter. Then drag and drop the audiobooks to import them to the program. You are allowed to add multiple audiobook files once for batch conversion. Now click the Format panel at the lower left corner of the interface and select the output format from the new window once the Audible files are imported to the software successfully.

The default output format is lossless and will not touch the original audio tracks at all. For this output, you are not able to customize the channel, bit rate, etc. At this point you are allowed to tap on the Editor icon listed in each column of the audio book file to split the audiobook to a few small files by chapters or time frame. Here are two different ways to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 online or offline.

audible download mp3

To be frank, the second solution is much easier to operate and more importantly, it is capable of converting the hours-long DRM-ed Audible audiobooks without quality loss in a few seconds only.

So just download the program and give it a try now. Adam Gorden is an experienced writer of TunesKit who is obsessed about tech, movie and software. Toggle navigation Products. Download Download.

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