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City of Heroes Have your say. User Review. Games Hardware Members News. Your Graphics Research Add a gpu. Register Login. City of Heroes CoH is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the superhero comic book genre, developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCsoft. Twenty-three free major updates for City of Heroes have been released since its launch.

The newest update, "Where Shadows Lie", was released on May 31, Test My PC. Most Popular Games. FPS Tools. Low vs Ultra Screenshots. Related News for City of Heroes. Check Today's Prices. What's your user review score for City of Heroes? How well optimised is City of Heroes for PC? City of Heroes is excellently optimized.

Where does City of Heroes rank in the list of the most demanding games? Genres: Online.

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Graphics Graphics score reflects how great the visuals are for this pc game. Based on scores by our most trusted members. Please login to add your score for City of Heroes Graphics played on the pc. Lifespan Lifespan score reflects how much gameplay this pc game has in it. This is an average score out of 10 left by our most trusted members. A high Lifespan score could represent a short fun game, which can be replayed again and again or it could be a game that takes a long time to complete.

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Value Value score reflects how much enjoyment this pc game delivers compared to how much it costs. A high Value score will let people know that this game is worth its cost. As a game cost goes down over time the Value score may go up to reflect its better value Please login to add your score for City of Heroes Value played on the pc. Main score Main Score reflects how great this pc game is on this platform.

A 10 means this pc game is perfect in all regards and will appeal to every gamer. Please login to add your score for City of Heroes Value played on the pc.City of Heroes uses a program which runs on your computer called the Game Client and its associated game files to generate the graphics you see and the sounds you hear.

It figures out what you have clicked on and it handles the typing you do at your keyboard. The client is constantly sending information to the Server to tell it what powers you activate, what attacks you make, how you move and turn, and the messages you type to other people.

The Server is constantly sending information to your client to tell it what everyone else in your zone or mission are doing. The client shows you their actions based on that information. If something interrupts the flow of that information then everyone else will stop moving on your screen.

If the flow of information is interrupted long enough then you are disconnected from the server, typically with the message: "Lost connection to mapserver ". When a new version of the game client is available it has to be downloaded to your computer before you can use it.

A program called the NCsoft Launcher checks for and downloads new versions of the client and all its associated files. These can be run from the command prompt or entered into your shortcut. You can do the latter by right clicking on your shortcut to the Launcher and selecting properties then adding these to the end of the target box. The City of Heroes. Mac Client guide posted by CuppaManga. The developers have a separate City of Heroes.

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There are several methods to installing the game client, they all boil down to having an up-to-date copy of the necessary files.

Install as you would any other program. You will then need to install the NCsoft Launcher and patch to the current version. Effectively a second copy step similar to installing the Training Room. You can install the Game by downloading and running the Game Installer. This is a small 'bootstrap' program which, when run, will then download and install the NCsoft Launcher. The NCsoft Launcher will then either create a new installation of the game or update an existing installation.

This will download and install the entire client in stages. Existing Installation: If you already have City of Heroes installed on your computer, the Game Installer will update your game client so it will be fully compatible with the NCsoft Launcher. You will not need to re-download the full game client. If pointed to an existing install of the game on your computer, this will verify and update the files as required. The simplest way to install the Training Room involves creating a copy of the live game, to avoid downloading the entire client all over again.

Detailed instructions can be found at the Training Room article. Being a read-only device, a DVD-R will only work as long as you burn the latest version with the current patches.

city of heroes fps

However, if your goal is to play at a Net Cafe during a weekend away from home, this will be more than enough. The Installation Directory parameter is useful in case you want to move the game client to another directory or partition. Enter the full path to the game's executable. The VerifyOnNextUpdate parameter is created every time the game crashes. When the game starts, it checks for this flag in order to decide whether to verify all files for corruption before loading the file.

Thus, clearing this flag is a good way to avoid the slow verification process.Earlier this year, we did a series of team combat Alpha runs.

city of heroes fps

Right now we are planning our first full login test for Saturday, December 15 thand the cutoff date for donations to count is the 11 th.

In preparation for this new Alpha, we have completed a set of technical improvements and conducted multiple FPS tests, which seem to indicate that we can have up to completely unique heroes in close proximity and maintain good FPS.

For us, good FPS is 30 or higher. Of course, FPS depends on many things, and some of our supporters may have older computers than the ones we use, so results will obviously vary.

In some ways this may be the most boring alpha test any game development team has ever conducted. The players will be constrained to the area under the Arch, so that we can gather data with a lot of characters on the screen at once. We hope we get enough volunteers to fill up the test. The results will help us plan out raid sizes, teaming, and other factors in our actual game, including how much effort to put into further optimization.

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Still, there will be things to see. Chat will be working, so you can talk to your friends from the forums. And for our dev team, it will be a great chance to finally walk and talk with some of our community members, under the Arch, in Apotheosis City, for the first time.

If you would like to participate, the link to register for the event is here:. Registration for the First Login Test. This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Blaster Controller Defender Scrapper Tanker. Slash commands are entered in the chat window preceeded by a slash.

city of heroes fps

As these commands are all quite useful when making macros and keybinds, knowing which ones are available can help you know what is possible with your character. Since there are so many slash commands, I am going to divide them into categories: Character Commands These commands control the player's character, and allow him to move, select targets, and use his powers.

These are probably the most valuable commands when setting up macros and keybinds. Reads mousewheel for input. Also cancels any camera rotation, but not look up or down. This command should not be invoked through the console. However, it does not work with Voltaic Sentinel, so apparently some dropped "weapons" are not considered pets.

The commands to actually set up and load keybinds are also in this category. Note you can combine keybinds by loading more than one file, and even change keybinds, by clever use of this feature. Use this to save a bind set you want to copy to another character. Assuming you're close enough. Not the emote, this is the CoV newspaper. It can be accessed by heroes, but merely says that they need to visit their Broker, which heroes do not yet have.

Will open the corresponding chat window if necessary. I will also include the commands for user feedback to the developers. Note the people who are reading the newspaper while AFK are also using an emote, below. Enter a short description of any length. Only leaders can use this command.

You must have operator status to set permissions. If you set -join, no one can join. You must be in the channel and have send priviledges. They include commands for searching for teammates.Moderator: MiRai.

city of heroes

Sun May 19, pm by lax. Sun May 19, pm by Mojoguy Wed May 22, pm by Galactus Wed May 22, pm by lax. Thu May 23, am by Galactus Sun Jun 02, pm by insanitywiz. Sun Jun 02, pm by MiRai. Sun Jul 14, pm by rlp Sun Jul 14, pm by lax. Skip to content. Posts: Joined: Wed Nov 18, am. When the game shut down, ISBoxer worked with it. The game is now reappearing via private servers. The game did not exist publicly for several years, and development on both Inner Space and ISBoxer continued -- so naturally, some quirks of City of Heroes were no longer tested against, and there's a couple of issues to work around at the moment.

This guide will help you get started with the new City of Heroes private servers. The higher your FPS, the faster the game will load. If your team is already made, you can use the CPU Strategy Wizard to apply new settings to your team also note, the CPU Strategy Wizard does not show you what your team is actually set to, it just shows default values for the wizard.

This fix is in the development build of Inner Space. To launch the game for use with ISBoxer, you can skip the launcher. Point Inner Space at the client executable. The game client requires parameters to be passed to it or it will immediately shut down when launched.

The parameters you need to pass to the executable are different, for each private server.Like this post's title implies, most of the changes are tweaks, refinements, and fixes. For example, the patch fixed a rather annoying graphical glitch that occurred on the very popular GeForce 8 series video cards. Also notably, you can no longer drag-and-drop items into an allied super-group's storage. This change was made to address an exploit which allowed folks to grief by completely cleaning out others' storage.

Various class changes are buried in the notes as well, including further changes to Mastermind pets intended to improve their combat performance. So if you're a player, you'll want to read the notes to make sure you're up to speed. Maintenance is better than nothing, right? The complete notes are included after the jump. Cinders can no longer be slotted for range enhancements.

They previously stated these powers had a self debuff, however this was incorrect. The erroneous data in the short help was removed. This has been corrected. This means you won't have your Max health fluctuating any longer. It has been brought down to generate a similar amount of threat as generated by a tanker.

They now recharge more slowly, and take slightly more endurance, as well. This makes them less likely to rush forward into combat. Instead, they are launched from their submachinegun. Vimes will now appear in the "Kidnap Dr. Franklin Vimes" Mission. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. City of Heroes patch tweaks, refines, and fixes.

Latest in Gaming. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. In this article: abilitiesbalancebugscity-of-heroescity-of-villainscohcovcoxfixesgeforcencsoftnotesnvidiapatchpatch-notesupdateupdate-notes.

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Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr.City of Heroes fps drops, bugs and stuttering improvements. If you have a problem running City of Heroes, ask the community for help with the City of Heroes bug fix issues. Need some help with City of Heroes bug fixes, performance improvements, crashes, or compatibility?

Ask the community for help or post your own performance tips for City of Heroes and earn Rank Points. Everyone can submit any technical issues or questions about City of Heroes performance. You can even provide your own solutions to a City of Heroes frame rate drop or technical question you had previously researched and solved. Want to know tricks and fixes to have the best PC gaming experience possible in City of Heroes? Share tips and tricks for optimal graphics settings in City of Heroes.

Ensure you have the latest graphics card driver installed for optimum performance in City of Heroes. City of Heroes CoH is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the superhero comic book genre, developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCsoft. Twenty-three free major updates for City of Heroes have been released since its launch. The newest update, "Where Shadows Lie", was released on May 31, Test My PC.

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City of Heroes Tutorial: Character Creation

FPS Tools. System Requirements. Related News for City of Heroes. Low vs Ultra Screenshots.